Facts About Fishes

  • Over 32,000 different species of fish have been identified and more Pet Fish Species are being discovered and identified every day.

  • The plural of the word fish is fishes, however when describing more than one fish of the same species, the word fish is still used instead of the plural! An example would be 20 Puffer Fish, not 20 Puffer Fishes.

  • The Female seahorse lays her eggs in a special pouch on the male seahorse's stomach, he then takes care of the eggs until the baby seahorses hatch.

  • Some fish are not good for community tanks! Ask your local pet store before you buy new additions for your tank.

  • The Stygotantulus stock is the smallest Crustacean in the world, measuring less than 0.1mm in length.

  • Angelfish can become aggressive towards other fish and even eat smaller fish such as Neon Tetras.

  • Someone who studies different Fish Species is called an ichthyologist

  • There are different species found all over the world, we have tried to include as many aquatic species as possible on this website so please check out the other sections

  • Facts About Different Fish Species

  • Pet Species Fact 1: A goldfish can live for up to ten years

  • Fish Species Fact 2: The Piranhas teeth are sharp enough to cut through a steel fishing hook!

  • Pet Species Fact 3: The rainbow fish is considered an ideal species for the beginner, they are hardy and integrate well with most aquarium fish Species

  • Species Fact 5: The Red Bellied Piranha has the most fearsome reputation

  • Species Fact 6: A lobsters teeth are in its stomach, an area called the ‘gastric mill’

  • Species Fact 7: When threatened, the puffer fish can inflate itself up to three times its normal size.

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